iPhone's camera is awful, says new Samsung S5 ad

You're not still using an iPhone to take pictures, are you? In a new ad, Samsung tries to patiently explain that the new Galaxy S5 has twice the resolution of the iPhone.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

It's obvious, really. Samsung/YouTube; screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I'm feeling a little worried today.

Samsung has stopped joking about Apple. No more mocking of iPhone users as aging dolts. No more laughing at the alleged lambs standing in line to be slaughtered by the supposedly inferior gizmology of Apple.

For here is a new ad released by Samsung that says, almost matter of factly: "Your iPhone is just so very awful. How can you not be embarrassed to be seen with one?"

Of course, it doesn't actually use those words.

Instead, it makes a prosaic factual statement. Apparently, the new and very wonderful Samsung Galaxy S5 "snaps photos with twice the resolution of the iPhone."

And there, behold, with all objectivity attached, is a photo on an iPhone next to one on an S5. The latter is so very HD. The former looks like a terrible screenshot.

Just in case you are still enslaved by skepticism, the tiny words "actual images" appear at the bottom of the screen.

You see, this is actually true. Factually true. Or at least, that's what Samsung says.

Personally, I'm still disappointed. Not because I don't want to rush to my nearest store and buy one of these amazing water-resistant, heart monitor-equipped phones.

My heart stops and makes me want to jump into the pool at the very thought.

No, I'm missing the insults. I'm missing the humor. I'm missing the very charm that supposedly disconcerted and angered Apple so much when it was unleashed.

Doesn't Samsung realize that challengers are supposed to make jokes about the champion?

Or does the fact that Apple made an ill-judged jape about Samsung's alleged copying this week mean Samsung now thinks it's the undisputed king?