iPhone Wi-Fi some third-party Bluetooth headsets = no Safari browsing

iPhone Wi-Fi some third-party Bluetooth headsets = no Safari browsing

Ben Wilson

It appears that when some third-party Bluetooth headsets are paired with the iPhone and active (a phone call is in progress), Wi-Fi-based browsing in Safari is not possible.

A poster to Apple's Discussion boards, Rehan Ashroff, writes:

"This is what I am experiencing so far. Scenario 1: connected to WIFI; start phone call; audio source: bluetooth headset. Cannot browse Web using WIFI, pages dont load.

"Scenario 2: (connected to WIFI; start phone call) except this time I am using the built in speakerphone and not using a Bluetooth headset, and can surf the web using WIFI while on a call. [...] My headset is a Jabra BT250."

Another poster, hitherto, wrote:

"I have experienced the exact same problem described in this thread using iPhone Sony bluetooth headset. I also went into the Apple store and showed them the issue... they said 'don't use bluetooth on a call if you want to also use Wi-Fi."

It appears, however, that the Apple Bluetooth headset is immune to this issue, and will allow the user to browse pages in MobileSafari while the headset is actively engaged in a phone call.

As previously noted, the iPhone cannot access data (including Web browsing functionality) over EDGE while a phone call is active.

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