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iPhone users driving nearly half of smartphone Web traffic

Chitika, an advertising network, also determined that BlackBerry and Windows Phone users barely make a blip in terms of total Web usage.

Apple iPhones generate about 46 percent of mobile traffic, with about 3 percent made by the iPhone 5 alone, according to Chitika.
iPhone owners really are driving a lot of Web traffic.

Online advertising network Chitika determined that nearly half of all Web traffic via smartphones is generated by the various versions of the iPhone. The iPhone 5 alone creates 3 percent of the total smartphone usage, while older versions of the device make about 43 percent.

By comparison, Samsung devices make up 17 percent of traffic, with the Korean handset maker's flagship phone, the Galaxy S3, generating 2 percent of total smartphone Web usage.

Chitika earlier this month determined that the iPhone 5 was already generating more Web traffic volume than the Samsung Galaxy S3. The company found that of "millions of mobile ad impressions" it recorded on the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3, more than half -- 56 percent -- originated from Apple's handset. Samsung's smartphone nabbed 44 percent of the total impressions.

According to the company's data today, the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 already surpass the Web traffic from all BlackBerry users, which totals 2 percent. Windows Phone users, meanwhile, make up only 1 percent of online usage.

Apple and Samsung largely dominate the smartphone market, and the two have been bitterly fighting to grow their positions. Smaller vendors, meanwhile, are simply vying to become the third-place contender. BlackBerry and Microsoft's Windows Phone devices have largely lagged the bigger two rivals, as have other Android handset makers.

Here's the breakdown from Chitika:

• iPhone 5: 3 percent

• Other iPhones: 43 percent

• Samsung Galaxy S3: 2 percent

• Other Samsung phones: 15 percent

• Non-Samsung Android: 34 percent

• BlackBerry: 2 percent

• Windows Phone: 1 percent