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iPhone Update 1.0.1: Undocumented fixes, improvements galore: volume, stability, VPN, battery, more

iPhone Update 1.0.1: Undocumented fixes, improvements galore: volume, stability, VPN, battery, more

[See release notes and initial troubleshooting coverage. Again, this update is only available through iTunes. Click the "Check for Updates" button with the iPhone selected from the left-hand pane, or the same-named menu item under the "iTunes" menu to get it.]

Note: update takes several minutes Once iTunes has downloaded the iPhone 1.0.1 update, the installation process can take several minutes. Do not disconnect or turn of your iPhone during this time. You may notice that the startus bar stops moving -- still, don't interrupt the process. Firmware updating is tricky business, and you can wind up causing serious issues if the process is botched.

To check that the iPhone has been properly updated, tap "Settings" then "General" then "About." The version after applying this update will be "1.0.1 (1C25)".

Earpiece/speaker volume reportedly louder One of the biggest complaints prior to this software/firmware revision was that earpiece and speakerphone volume are too low, even at the loudest setting. Readers noted that compared to most other mobile phones, some iPhonesâ?? sound output â?? for voice functions, at least â?? is sub-par.

Last week we reported that a firmware update from Apple would likely address this issue. Ask and ye shall receive. Several readers report that volume from the earpiece and the built-in speaker (for speakerphone functions) is noticeably and pleasantly louder.

Improved stability Though we don't have any concrete data on the subject, it appears that overall stability has been significantly improved with iPhone update 1.0.1. In particular, MobileSafari appears to crash less often, and an annoying crash that occurred while Safari and the iPod function were simultaneously active happens far less frequently.

For more on troubleshooting iPhone crashes, see this guide.

Battery now shows full charge (for some) Several users are reporting that their batteries now show a complete charge where they did not before. See our previous article "iPhone batteries donâ??t appear to fully charge: faulty indicators and faulty batteries".

VPN improvements Users also report that VPN passwords are now correctly remembered, and there is a new button to terminate VPN connection attempts (useful in the event of a hang).

New Passcode lock options The Passcode lock function now offers up to 1 hour before a passcode is requested after the iPhone is left idling. Before the options were only immediately or after one minute.

Go BCC yourself In Settings, under Mail, there is now an option to BCC yourself on outgoing messages, where before the only option was CC yourself.