iPhone Stylus ships today

iPhone Stylus ships today

Ben Wilson
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Earlier this month, we reported that a small company named iGiki planned to unveil the "TapRight" -- an iPhone-specifc stylus that uses something called 'TouchField' technology to produce "quick, accurate, and targeted taps."

Some iPhone Atlas readers were skeptical, while others tentatively welcomed the idea. One reader wrote:

"I know many women who shy away from getting an iPhone because they donâ??t want to have to trim their finger nails short so that their skin can make contact with the keypad. Now the the stylus, itâ??s no longer an issue."

and another adding:

"It might be useful but I'm concerned that an over-zealous user poking at the screen might damage it. for example, too many pin point jabs at the screen might crack it."

Today the company is shipping the stylus at a price of $20, and has offered some additional information, but no actual product shots or other demonstrations (a somewhat odd depiction [at left] is the only picture that appears on the TapRight Web site).

iGiki now says:

"TouchField is the key to TapRight. iGiki engineers found that when a centered specific region of an object taps the iPhone, a cleaner, more precise tap is produced. Using the MagicTip, pressure is given off in the upper center of the stylus, and there is minimal pressure on the sides and bottom center to stop those areas from triggering the touch screen. The MagicTip shifts the pressure upward. [...] (It) can save wear and tear on usersâ?? fingers, avoid the finger smudges that pop out on the screen, and allows users to view the iPhone in a whole new way."

The $20 "starter pack" includes the stylus, carrying pouch, Getting Started guide, and 10 iPhone Games from iGiki Studios (Sink or Swim, Arcade & Brain, HangMan, Outer Wars, Textalution, and more). The commpany says it will start shipping the stylus today at 6 PM PST.

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