iPhone software fix won't solve reception issues

A call with Apple Care confirms what we expected: Apple's coming software update will only address the signal strength meter and not the antenna reception issues.

Kent German Former senior managing editor / features
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Kent German

Given Apple's carefully worded statement from July 2, we weren't expecting that the coming software update would fix the ongoing reception issues with the iPhone 4's antenna. So it wasn't surprising that an Apple Care representative confirmed that belief this afternoon.

During our call, the Apple Care rep said the update would address only how bars are displayed in the signal meter on the handset's screen. As he put it, it would fix a problem where more bars are mistakenly shown when users are in areas with poor AT&T reception. As for the other problems of audio cut-outs and slower data speeds that we've experienced with the handset, the Apple Care rep could offer no promises. So for now that leaves us with the advice that Apple has already offered: either use a bumper or don't touch the iPhone's antenna near the gap on the lower left side.

Gizmodo first reported earlier today that Apple Care confirmed no immediate reception fix.