iPhone simulation app gains zoom-to-fit function, goes open-source

iPhone simulation app gains zoom-to-fit function, goes open-source

Ben Wilson

The Mac OS X application iPhoney, which simulates an iPhone interface by using WebKit to render pages in 320x480 or 480x320 (depending on how the simulated iPhone is oriented), has been updated to version 1.1 [1.4MB download]. The primary new feature in this release is zoom-to-fit, which will resize Web pages to completely (width-wise) in the iPhone screen. However, there is still no function to emulate "tap-zooming" (zooming in on specific portions of a page) nor touch-scrolling.

The new release also adds the ability to turn off plug-ins (including Flash, which is not supported by the iPhone). Unfortunately, however, there is only the option to turn off all plug-ins, so QuickTime (which is supported by the iPhone) will also be turned off. There is also the option to specify a custom user agent string, and access to utomatic updates with Sparkle.

As previously reported, iPhoney pixel accurate, meaning that it has exactly the same number of pixels on its screen as iPhone. However, while common desktop screens deliver 72 and 96 pixels in every inch the iPhone will pack 160 pixels per inch. So iPhoney looks about twice the size of iPhone on a standard Mac OS X system.

Finally, iPhoney is now open source code and hosted as a project on SourceForge.