iPhone OS 2.1: Bugs and Fixes

iPhone OS 2.1: Bugs and Fixes

Ben Wilson

A few lingering bugs are posing issues for users of iPhone OS 2.1. Fortunately, fixes are readily available.

iPhone Declares Voicemail Password Incorrect This is an annoying bug that pops up now and again for many iPhone users. The phone will suddenly prompt the user with the message "Password Incorrect - Enter Voicemail password" while a phone call is being made. The iPhone will continue to nag you until you correct the problem. The easiest solution to this problem is to Dial 611 on your phone. After verifying your number select the option for help with voicemail and then the option for resetting your voicemail password. Follow the prompts from there to resolve this issue.

Caller ID Settings Some users are reporting a bugs in which the Caller ID toggle switch fails to work. This issue can generally be resolved by resetting the iPhone; hold the home and sleep buttons until the Apple logo appears, then release both buttons.

If you or anyone else has had these problems or others we'd like to hear about your problems and experiences and about any fixes you might have for them. Write to us http://www.iphoneatlas.com/contact.