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iPhone OS 2.1 beta reveals possible turn-by-turn directions

iPhone OS 2.1 beta reveals possible turn-by-turn directions

Apple has released a beta edition of iPhone OS 2.1 along with an accompanying, updated SDK. The new SDK makes a few API changes that could indicate the addition of turn-by-turn directions in Google Maps or third-party applications. Reportedly added to the CLLocation (CoreLocation) library are:

  • CLLocation.heading
  • CLLocation.speed
  • CLLocation.speedAvailable
  • CLLocationDirection
  • CLLocationSpeed

Greg Joswiak, Apple's Vice President of Marketing, has refuted early assertions that GPS-based driving directions on the iPhone 3G are impossible because of the GPS receivers' size. The iPhone's GPS is "just like the GPS in other phones, many of which do provide driving directions," but there are some "complicated issues" preventing driving directions at present "It will evolve. I think our developers will amaze us," Joswiak said.