iPhone OS 2.0 Maps app much improved

iPhone OS 2.0 Maps app much improved

Ben Wilson

As we noted with regard to early beta releases of iPhone OS 2.0, the new software/firmware iteration includes dramatic improvements to the bundled Maps application, in terms of both functionality and accuracy.

The updated application includes a new live location tracking feature that will automatically track the user?s current location in the Maps application on a persistently updating basis. So, for instance, driving down Broadway in New York with an iPhone would result in a constantly moving blue, pulsing ball indicating your current location. This makes the iPhone's "Locate Me" function feel much more like a real GPS -- even on first-generation devices.

iPhone Atlas staffer David Martin took a newly updated iPhone for a test drive (literally) in the the Houston Metro this morning. His notes:

  • The Maps app would quickly locate me -- first from a wide perspective of the surrounding area -- before zooming in on me at my current location. It did so after asking if if could use my current location. I was prompted to either accept or deny that request.
  • Location appears to work better near major freeways and seemed to work less accurately the further away I got from such a roadway. (probably the result of more saturated cell tower coverage in areas close to major roadways)
  • The map was overlaid with a blue circle. You can tap the circle to zoom in.

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