iPhone OS 1.2 includes location-logging feature

iPhone OS 1.2 includes location-logging feature

Ben Wilson

The forthcoming iPhone OS 1.2 release, already in the hands of select beta testers and the recipients of a leaked copy, includes a new location logging feature that tracks and stores the device's physical location based on cell tower and WiFi longitude/latitude data; this makes it possibl to see not only where you are, but also where you've been. The following is a sample location log:

  • LOCATION,Time,227256578.75,Type,GMM,Pos,1, 33.117950,-96.775681,Accuracy,1810,Confidence,,ActualLocation,0,MCC,310,MNC,410,LAC,0xcb29,CI,0x29ba,ARFCN,,BSIC,,RSSI,-78,TA,, 227256578.754-virtual void CellLocationRequester::requestCompleted(): queried for 7 cells but received only 1 responses
  • LOCATION,Time,227256582.90,Type,CL-Skyhook,Pos,1, 33.098492,-96.781595,Accuracy, 191.86,
  • LOCATION,Time,227256582.90,Type,CL,Pos,1, 33.117950,-96.775681,Accuracy,1810.00,

The feature creates some intriguing feature possibilities but is also raising privacy concerns.

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