iPhone on Orange goes on sale 10 November

iPhone cravers who prefer a citrus hue will be able to queue up at Orange shops -- or pre-order online -- to get their touchscreen fix on 10 November

Flora Graham

Ladies and gentlemen, start your iPhone engines: Orange says it will start selling iPhones on monthly contracts and pay as you go on 10 November.

The iPhone 3G will be from free on a £30-per-month contract and the iPhone 3GS will be from free on a £45-per-month contract -- both for two years.

And if you're an international movie star or Formula 1 driver, a new 'traveller' bundle will include roaming data and calls for an astonishing £125 per month. All plans included 'unlimited' data, with a fair-use policy of just 750MB per month. You can add tethering -- so you can surf your iPhone's connection using your laptop -- for £5 per month.

For pay as you go people, the iPhone 3G will cost half the number of the beast, £333, if you top up by £50 when you buy it. That'll get you 250MB of data each month, plus a year of access to the BT Openzone Wi-Fi network.

Compare those prices to the iPhone's home of yesteryear, O2. On O2, you can pick up an iPhone 3G from free on a £34.26-per-month contract, with the iPhone 3GS costing from free on a £44.05-per-month contract, both for two years.

For all the gory details on contracts, check out Orange's online pre-order page and O2's Web site.