iPhone on display, but not for sale in the UK

iPhone on display, but not for sale in the UK

Ben Wilson

Computer Warehouse, a large retailer in the United Kingdom, is showing off the iPhone in its Brentford, Middlesex showroom. The phone on display cannot be used to make phone calls (apparently activated in the US, then shipped over) but can access data functions via WiFi.

The retailer says:

"One of only a handful of the little beauties in the UK, visit Computer Warehouse's Brentford West London store and have a rare chance to try the 'magical device' for yourself. The iPhone has many features that explain its hype. Along with the ability to download music and videos it can also be used to text, email and browse the web."

Meanwhile, Amazon's UK Web site is currently listing both the 4GB and 8GB iPhones, stating:

"Availability: We will e-mail you when this item becomes available. [...] At this time we cannot guarantee if or when this item will become available."

As previously reported, during its third quarter conference earnings call, Apple revealed that it plans to bring the iPhone to a 'few major countries in Europe next quarter,' other European countries in early 2008, and into Asia sometime in 2008.