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iPhone history animated in our infographic video

Watch the coolest iPhone video you'll ever see, or your money back. We celebrate the iPhone 4S and its ancestry in this animation.

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What's better than an infographic? A video infographic, that's what. In anticipation of the announcement of the iPhone 4S, we have made a gorgeous animated video charting the history of the iPhone.

We thought it would be the perfect time to put the iPhone into context, going right back to the very first mobile phone call and the beginning of the Internet.

We've divided the iPhone into its component parts and charted how the technological and design developments of the past few decades have influenced the look, feel and features of the different models so far. If you want to know what connects the Walkman to Tim Berners-Lee to the NeXTcube, you've come to the right place.

We've also compared all the iPhones to each other, so you can see how the devices themselves have evolved. See how the abomination that was the Motorola Rokr fits into the story, and find out who's to blame for the disaster zone that is iTunes.

Watch out for the number of transistors inside an iPhone 4, which we compare to an early Intel chip. It'll blow your mind -- and help explain why the whole world thinks it's normal to be able to find out where the nearest good pizza restaurant is while watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster and tweeting about it.

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