iPhone Gmail issues: latest messages not appearing

iPhone Gmail issues: latest messages not appearing

Ben Wilson

Several users are reporting an issue where Gmail accounts do not display the latest incoming messages on iPhones. As described by one iPhone Atlas reader:

"The iPhone Mail application will not download the most recent message in a gMail account; i.e. if you send me an email, it won't come in until another email comes in and yours is no longer the most recent message."

It appears that this problem is limited to the iPhone, with other IMAP clients (including desktop email clients, the Web-based Gmail interface, and the Gmail Blackberry application) not exhibiting a similar issue.

The typical prescription for this type of problem is to delete and recreate the afflicted iPhone email account by navigating to "Settings," then "Mail," selecting the the account and tapping the "Delete Account" button, then re-establishing a new account with the same settings. This fix has not proven successful for users experiencing this problem, however.

If you are experiencing a similar issue, please let us know.