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iPhone game sale part 2: Gameloft titles for 99 cents

Take that, EA! Now Gameloft's getting in on the 99-cent action, though only for seven of its games. Good stuff, though, and too good to pass up!

Many of Gameloft's top games are on sale for 99 cents, down from $4.99. You could get five for the price of one! Gameloft

I love a good price war! Earlier this week, Barnes & Noble took on Amazon, slashing its Nook e-book reader to $199 and prompting Amazon to cut the Kindle to $189.

Tuesday, Electronic Arts launched a 48-hour app sale (ending Wednesday night) that dropped 14 of its most popular iPhone/iPod games to 99 cents each.

Not to be outdone, developer Gameloft just fired back with a 99-cent sale on seven of its top titles--all of which usually sell for $4.99. Here's the list:

N.O.V.A. for 99 cents? Too good to pass up. And my kids dig Shrek Kart.

Gameloft says these prices are available for "a limited time," which could mean they'll be gone as soon as midnight Wednesday. If you're still in a buying mood after Tuesday, grab these deals while you can.

In the meantime, note to EA, Gameloft, and other developers planning to join the price war: how about some low-price love for the iPad versions as well?