iPhone firmware 1.1.1 will sport video out, ability to turn off EDGE roaming, more

iPhone firmware 1.1.1 will sport video out, ability to turn off EDGE roaming, more

Ben Wilson

A forthcoming firmware/software update for the iPhone -- version 1.1.1 -- will add video out capabilities and the ability to turn off EDGE roaming. This information is based on screenshots taken by Engadget UK during the unveiling of the iPhone in England, where demonstration units are already running firmware/software revision 1.1.1.

  • EDGE Roaming On/Off This shot shows the option to turn off EDGE roaming under the Network pane of Settings. This feature should give users the ability to eliminate the potential for huge international data roaming charges.
  • Video out This shot shows new video-out capabilities for the iPhone -- options already available on the iPod touch. Users will be able to turn Widescreen on or off, and choose between NTSC and PAL signals.
  • Selectable double-click home button actions This shot shows that, as previously reported, the iPhone will gain the ability to perform various actions in response to the home button being clicked twice after the update to firmware/software version 1.1.1. This can be used to bring up iPod controls while the phone is locked ("asleep"), or default to the Home screen, favorite phone contacts, or iPod when the home button is double-clicked.

We previously noted that in addition the WiFi iTunes store, iPhone firmware/software 1.1.1 is expected to add international/multiple keyboard support, bug fixes/stability enhancements, and the possible addition of a Safari debug mode as is sported by the iPod touch

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