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iPhone evolution video traces history up to 5S, 5C

We've updated our History of the iPhone video to include Apple's colorful new models. Learn about the origins of Apple's biggest hit and see how the iPhone has evolved over the years.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
Luke Westaway is a senior editor at CNET and writer/ presenter of Adventures in Tech, a thrilling gadget show produced in our London office. Luke's focus is on keeping you in the loop with a mix of video, features, expert opinion and analysis.
Luke Westaway
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Watch this: Evolution of the iPhone

Strike up the band. The iPhone 5S and 5C are finally real.

But how did they get here? To find out, we've updated our Evolution of the iPhone video to encompass Apple's colorful, new smartphones. Click play on the video above to educate yourself on all things iPhone.

Springing from an era when mobile phones were unusable blocks of ugly plastic, the first iPhone -- released in 2007 -- blew our minds with its massive touch-screen display and easy Web browsing.

Hands-on with Apple's high-end iPhone 5S (pictures)

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That was the beginning of the iPhone's meteoric rise to prominence -- a rise that would see rivals Nokia and BlackBerry left in the dust and a series of smart phone-refinements that culminated in the gadgets Apple recently unveiled.

Along the way, there have been glorious victories for Apple and a few horrific missteps.

A first look at the colorful iPhone 5C (pictures)

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Today the competition is tougher than ever, with Samsung and HTC building devices that rival Apple's. Will the iPhone 5S and 5C put Apple firmly on top again? Watch the video and let me know your thoughts.