iPhone dock extender solves the problem of bulky cases

If your iPhone won't fit on a dock because the case gets in the way, this $7 gizmo may help.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
Finally, a simple way to solve the problem of bulky iPhone cases.
Finally, a simple way to solve the problem of bulky iPhone cases. All4Cellular

All the hullabaloo over the iPhone 5's new dock connector reminds me of a problem I had long before Apple's Lightning struck.

See, my iPhone 4S lives inside a case just bulky enough that it won't fit in most docks. Consequently, I can't easily charge my phone or listen to music via one of the many speaker docks scattered around my house. I'd have to take the iPhone out of the case every time, and that's way too big a hassle.

So, what, am I supposed to switch to a smaller case? Or go with no case at all? (That's a gravity-powered disaster waiting to happen.) Help me, universe!

Here's help: the Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Dock Extender, available from All4Cellular for $6.95 (plus $2 for shipping). It's available in your choice of black or white.

True to its name, this little adapter adds a little space between your case-ensconced dock connector and the dock itself, thus making it possible for an iPhone, iPod Touch, or even an iPad to get connected.

Not bad for nine bucks, eh? Actually, if you scope out eBay and don't mind waiting on international shipping, you can find similar adapters for as little as $3 shipped.

If you've had any experience with these dock extenders, good or bad, leave a comment. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, but it looks to me like an ideal solution to a nagging problem.