iPhone dev documents point to June 9th

iPhone dev documents point to June 9th

Ben Wilson
2 min read

In these times of fervid speculation, most anything -- a stray embedded icon, an off-hand remark from a wireless executive, an iPhone-shaped potato chip -- can pass as a viable indicator of forthcoming announcements from Apple. This latest tidbit of pure rumor is no different, providing nothing more than further confirmation that a significant happening will take place during Steve Jobs' keynote address at the Worldwide Developer Conference on June 9th.

Yesterday, Apple released the sixth beta edition of its iPhone software development kit to registered developers. Alongside the kit, Apple pushed live a slew of new documents detailing API changes, class definitions and more. Most of these documents carried modification or creation dates of May 28th -- the date of their actual publication or revision. A handful, however, carry the future revision date of (hold your breath): June 9th.

The content of these documents appears relatively unexciting, detailing items such as the "class used to define and operate on specific and relative time values" and the "class used to manage an immutable ordered collection of objects." In other words, no revelatory information regarding a would-be 3G iPhone or iPhone OS 2.0 appears to be contained therein. Still, the date provide further indication that Apple will be making significant iPhone-related announcements on June 9th; by now a foregone conclusion for most speculators.

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference will take place from June 9 - 13 at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco. This will be the first WWDC to offer an iPhone development track built around the recently released iPhone SDK (software development kit).

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