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iPhone deal bonanza: refurb iPhone 6 ($185), iPhone 6s ($235), $10 GC, win an iPhone X!

You're expecting 16GB models, right? Wrong! These have 64GB of storage. Plus: This LED desk lamp has a super-power.

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Welcome to Total-Coincidence Phone-Deals Week!

Last Thursday, it was the iPhone X. Tuesday, I brought you an iPhone SE, followed immediately by the Galaxy S9. Today: Back to iPhones -- in a big, totally different way.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Daily Steals is offering the following deals on refurbs:

If you think you can get by with just 16GB of storage (here are some tips to help you do so), the deals get even better: $149.99 and $199.99, respectively. There are excellent 128GB options as well: $209.99 and $279.99. Just take note that the code for the extra $5 off is good only on the 64GB models.

Whatever you choose, you'll also receive a $10 Daily Steals gift card, delivered via email after your purchase.

A few important things to note about these iPhones:

  • They're refurbished, and technically "B-grade" stock, meaning they might show scuffs or even light scratches. They come in brown-box packaging with nothing more than a charger and cable.
  • The warranty is just 30 days. The credit card you use to purchase the phone may double that, but check with the bank to make sure that policy includes refurbished items.
  • These are unlocked for GSM carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile and their many MVNOs) and Verizon. I've heard conflicting things about whether these would also work with Sprint and/or Sprint MVNOs. (It's all about the bands, apparently.)

So, yeah, some caveats, for sure. But also some of the lowest prices ever on iPhones that, if you ask me, still have plenty to offer.

What about the battery? That's always a question-mark on non-Apple refurbs, but if the battery doesn't hold a charge for as long as you think it should, you can always take it to Apple for a $29 replacement.

Last, but not least, Daily Steals is running an iPhone X giveaway just for Cheapskate readers. That makes your chances of winning pretty darn good, because although there are many of you, some folks will just see "iPhone" in the headline and pass it right on by.

All you have to do is enter your name, email address and date of birth -- not here, mind you, but on the Daily Steals giveaway entry page. Get that entry in between now and March 9, 2018. Good luck!

(To be totally clear: This is not a CNET giveaway. There's no connection to CNET whatsoever except that I'm informing you it exists. 😉)

To recap: Super-cheap deals on used, but still very viable, iPhones, plus an extra $5 off, plus a $10 gift card, plus a shot at winning an iPhone X. Nice way to kick off the weekend.


This man should be a little happier, because his lamp is also charging his phone!


Bonus deal: Some things don't belong together, like the frying-pan FM radio. But an LED desk lamp with a built-in Qi charging pad? Yes, please!

For a limited time, and while supplies last, TaoTronics (via Amazon) has their LED Desk Lamp with Qi Charger for $33.99 when you apply promo code BID6N34O at checkout.

The lamp offers five color modes and seven brightness levels.

The Qi pad can fast-charge phones that support it (up to 10W) and normal-charge phones that don't. There's also a USB port for plugging in other stuff.

It's not quite as exciting as when chocolate met peanut butter, but it's still an awfully good combination.