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iPhone app tracks your income in real time

The 99-cent Earn-O-Meter app might just make you feel better about boring workdays. It's a counter that tallies up how much money you're making every second.

Remember the Death Clock, that oh-so-depressing site that counts down the time you have left to live?

I won't say this is the exact opposite, but it's in the ballpark: Earn-O-Meter for iPhone tallies up your income, in real-time, while you work.

The idea of this tongue-in-cheek app is to help you endure workday drudgery by showing how much money you're earning while "sitting through pointless meetings, dull conference calls, and inane conversations with nitwits in the workplace." (The developer's words, not mine.)

And, let's face it, wouldn't it be nice if you could emerge from another mind-numbing meeting with the knowledge that you'd pocketed, say, $37 for your trouble?

Of course, depending on your income level, this might be just as depressing as the Death Clock. (I could tell you how much I earned writing this post, but I don't like to cry onstage.)

Anyway, all you do is enter your hourly, daily, or annual wages, then set your workday's start and end times. Then tap the Earn-O-Meter button to see how much you've earned so far today and your "time left to endure."

Earn-O-Meter will run you 99 cents. Obviously it has little practical value, but it is kind of amusing (in an iNap@Work sort of way) and definitely enlightening.