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iPhone app: Pockettweets

Twitter for the iPhone

Twitter updates on the iPhone via PocketTweets
Twitter updates on the iPhone via PocketTweets
Nicole Lee/CNET Networks

Twitter interfaces for the iPhone aren't new, of course. In fact, Hahlo was one of the first to come up with an iPhone-friendly Web app for the popular nanoblogging service. But the best Twitter Web app for the iPhone is probably PocketTweets, a relatively new site designed and developed by Pixel Implosion's Bobby Andersen and Second Gear's Justin Williams.

The interface is clean and intuitive, and we especially like the OSX-like icons along the bottom row of the screen. You can access all the typical Twitter menus like Friends, Archives, Direct Messages, and the Public Timeline. Entering text couldn't be easier--a neat text-input dialog box pops up when you tap the Update button. You can't test out the service without the iPhone, which is pretty understandable, so here's a shot of PocketTweets as seen on our iPhone.