iPhone AC adapter failure continues: Sometimes charges, sometimes doesn't; other inconsistencies

iPhone AC adapter failure continues: Sometimes charges, sometimes doesn't; other inconsistencies

Ben Wilson
2 min read

Failure of the AC adapter (wall charger) continues to be a prevalent problem for iPhone owners.

We previously reported that some iPhone AC adapters suddenly fail to deliver a charge, forcing users to connect their iPhones via USB to their computers in order to properly charge, and noted two potential fixes:

  • Reset the iPhone Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button (on the top right of the unit) and the Home button (circular button on the iPhone's face) simultaneously for at least 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. After doing so, reconnect it to AC power and check for a charge.
  • Remove and reconnect the "duck" Temoving the pronged portion of the iPhone AC adapter (sometimes called the "duck") and reconnecting it, ensuring there is a snug fit, resolves problems with power delivery.

Several users are now reporting that their AC adapters are inconsistent, charging their iPhones from some outlets and not others, or able to charge some iPhones but not others.

This inconsistency can cause difficulty when attempting to exchange potentially problematic adapters for replacements from Apple; many users have tested their adapters extensively at home with repeated failure and sought replacement, only to find that the adapter functions properly with the outlets at their Apple retail store.

As described by Apple Discussions poster "geltoob":

"I had the same issue, narrowed it down to the wall charger, and then brought it into the Apple Store. When they tried it, it of course worked. The problem was that they would not replace it. The 'genius' said to reset the phone and try it again later. Now the phone is in Arizona, and there is no Apple Store anywhere near here."

Some users, however, are having luck getting their inconsistent chargers replaced. Apple Discussions poster "SarahTucson" writes:

"Mine worked fine for a month. Last night it was plugged in at my boyfriends house and charge beautifully. Came home, plugged it in and now it won't work. Still charges fine from the laptop. Swapped out the prongs with the set from my MacBook. No dice. [...] Swap out (at the Apple Store) was easy and painless, no paperwork. This despite the fact that the charger starting working again at the store. This leads me to believe that apple is aware of the problem."

Similar issues? Please let us know.