iPhone 7 Plus purported mockup reveals blue paint job and more

A new video imagines a whole host of changes coming with Apple's next big phone launch.

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Might the next iPhone sport dual speakers but jettison the standard audio jack?

Unbox Therapy/YouTube

The iPhone 7 Plus may come in a shade of blue, at least according to a mockup of the device displayed in an online video.

The mockup isn't a real iPhone but rather a body, designed by a developer of wireless headphones named Besound, that's supposedly based on the specs for the real thing. YouTube account Unbox Therapy received the mockup and took us on a video tour to highlight what are anticipated to be key changes from last year's iPhone 6S.

Reports have suggested that this year's iPhone lineup would sport only modest enhancements and that next year's model would be the one to introduce some killer new features. But in the face of shrinking iPhone sales the past two quarters, Apple still needs to jazz up the iPhone 7 with enough enticements to convince consumers to give it a shot.

The most striking feature is the blue tone for the iPhone 7 Plus mockup, a color choice that would be a first for Apple. We then get a peek at other potential changes that have been mentioned in previous reports.

The video shows dual-camera lenses, which reportedly would pop up in the iPhone 7 Plus but not the iPhone 7. From there we shift to the antenna lines, which have been moved from the back of the body to the sides where they would be much less obtrusive. Next on the tour are the three dots on the back that make up the Smart Connector, which can transfer data and power between the phone and such accessories as a Smart Keyboard.

The video then segues into a change that has been seen as both good and bad.

The mockup reveals a dual speaker, which would be a first for the iPhone. But the extra speaker would come at the expense of the standard 3.5mm audio port, which here is missing in action. If true, that means Apple would pump sound through the Lightning jack, requiring adapters for all the earphones, external speakers and other audio accessories that use the standard audio jack. Bluetooth earphones and speakers would still work.

As always, iPhone 7 mockups and other rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. The real thing should make an appearance next month when Apple is expected to hold its annual iPhone launch event.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.