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iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Australian pricing compared

The Australian pricing on Apple's new iPhones looks extraordinarily high. But how much more are Aussies really paying?

The new iPhone 6s. Apple

Apple announced two new iPhones on Thursday, the 6s and the premium 6s Plus , and at first glance the local Aussie pricing looks shocking. Compared to the iPhone 6 16GB, which landed last year at AU$869, the base 16GB 6s is starting at AU$1,079. The phones only go up in price from there.

We're also looking at a remarkably weak Australian dollar. At this time last year, the Australian dollar was worth $0.92.
At the time of writing, it's worth less than $0.70.

Once we convert the US dollar into Australia dollars, the pricing seems more reasonable. In fact, Australians are paying a little bit less on all the phones except for the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB. It's people in the UK who seem to be getting the rawest deal.

For the purposes of this calculation, we've used the current exchange rate, where $1 = AU$1.433. If you run the numbers yourself, be aware that small fluctuations in the exchange rates mean results may vary.

We've also added a sales tax of 10 percent to the US pricing. In Australia, GST is included in the retail price, but in the US, it's added at the point of sale and not included in the sticker prices announced today. It also varies from state to state, but for the sake of simplicity, we'll be sticking with 10 percent.

UK pricing is also included, with an added 20 percent VAT sales tax (similar to Australia's GST). The conversion rate used was £1 = AU$2.201.

You can read more about the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus here .

iPhoneAustralian priceUK priceUS priceUS price + GST, convertedUS/AU difference
iPhone 6s 16GB
AU$1,079£540 (AU$1,188.44)

iPhone 6s 64GB

AU$1,229£620 (AU$1,364.51)

iPhone 6s 128GB

AU$1,379£700 (AU$1,540.57)
iPhone 6s Plus 16GB
AU$1,229£620 (AU$1,364.51)



iPhone 6s Plus 64GB

AU$1,379£700 (AU$1,540.57)

iPhone 6s Plus 128GB

AU$1,529£790 (AU$1,738.65)