iPhone 5S vs. train goes exactly like you'd expect

YouTube channel TechRax wonders if an iPhone 5S can survive being run over by a train. Spoiler alert: No, it can't.

Nick Statt Former Staff Reporter / News
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Nick Statt
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No one is surprised by this. Screenshot by Nick Statt/CNET

Durability testing has been a hallmark of the smartphone era since the introduction of the first Apple iPhone in 2007, and it's usually in the form of the drop test given that's the most common wear-and-tear our handsets suffer with everyday use.

That hasn't stopped some more outlandish efforts, like dropping a smartphone from a multiple-story building, smashing one with a hammer, or punching a quarter-sized hole in a gold iPhone 5S with a .50 caliber bullet.

Yet how would the iPhone 5S hold up against a train? A stupid idea, you might think. Perhaps illegal to even test out. You would be correct on both counts. That didn't stop popular durability testing YouTube channel TechRax from making this video, whereupon two different iPhone 5S devices are, as one might expect, obliterated by a fast-moving train.