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iPhone 5S has 'blue screen of death' bug, crashes more than 5C

The 'blue screen' glitch appears to affect Apple's iWork software, while new research suggests the 5S crashes more than its counterparts.

Apple's iPhone 5S is seemingly taking a leaf from old-school Windows, as owners are complaining of a 'blue screen of death' flaw that causes the phone to restart.

Tim Cook and pals' shiny new blower, which made its grand debut last month, has a tendency to freeze up and restart when using Apple's iWork apps, owners are complaining.

The Verge spied several forum threads and tweets that describe the bug, which seems to happen when exiting or using multitasking around Apple's Pages and Numbers apps, which are part of the company's business-centric word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software.

One commenter claims to be seeing the same issues when using FaceTime, Safari, the camera app and more, however. A video of the frustrating glitch is embedded below.

Apple has made iWork free with new iOS gadgets, but perhaps there are a few kinks to be ironed out when it comes to running these apps on its newest high-end mobile.

More crashes than iPhone 5 or 5C

Meanwhile, new research presented to AllthingsD suggests the iPhone 5S crashes apps considerably more often than the iPhone 5 or 5C, something that could be down to its processors' 64-bit architecture.

The iPhone 5S brings a fingerprint scanner and a new A7 chip to the table, while its colourful counterpart -- the iPhone 5C -- offers a new plastic design.

Have you experienced any blue-screen woes with your new iPhone? Or is it running smoothly? Let me know in the comments, or sound off on our Facebook wall.

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