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iPhone 5S deals on Vodafone offer lots of data, not cheap

Vodafone has revealed more prices for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C ahead of the new phones' release date this Friday.

Vodafone has revealed eye-watering prices for the iPhone 5S ahead of the new phone's release date -- with the iPhone 5C -- this Friday.

The cheapest 4G deal announced today for the 5S costs a whopping £47 per month for two years, although that nets you a healthy 6GB of data. On that plan, the 5S costs £80 up front for the 16GB model, £150 for the 32GB version, and £230 for the 64GB model.

The cheapest up-front cost of the 5S is £20, on a £52 monthly deal that gets you 8GB of data, or £57 each month for 12 GB of Internet.

The cheapest up-front cost for the 32GB model is £50, while the best price for the 64GB version is £100.

Vodafone will publish cheaper deals on 20 September when the two phones go on sale, but those packages will have fewer minutes and less data. 

3G deals 

The 5S is also available on 3G packages, but the prices announced today are surprisingly similar to the 4G costs: the cheapest £20 up-front cost sets you back £52 per month. And the cheapest 3G deal still sets you back £42 each and every month. 

O2 has also revealed its pricey prices for the 5S, as has EE. Unlike O2, which won't offer 4G at first, Vodafone's 4G deals are good to go from launch day this Friday. And unlike EE, they come with a healthy amount of data: Vodafone's 4G deals come with a minimum of 6GB, as long as you sign up before the end of October. After that the minimum is 2GB.

If you have an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 and your contract isn't anywhere near upgrade time, you can still trade up to a new iPhone for a fee of 25 per cent of the remaining amount on your contract.

Stock shortages 

Prices for the cheaper plastic-encased iPhone 5C were posted this week when it became available to order early, but there's no pre-order for the 5S so you have to go to a shop to get your hands on one from day one. Be warned though, stock issues are serious enough for Vodafone to caution "both versions of iPhone will be popular" and promise to deliver your phone "as soon as stock becomes available again."

Not everybody wants an Apple phone, of course: we asked CNET readers for opinions -- and boy did you lot deliver, branding Apple "lazy and greedy." If you're not sold on the new iPhone duo, see how they measure up to the Samsung Galaxy S4, and HTC One.

For the latest great deals from all the networks, check out our handy comparison of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C UK prices and release dates.

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