iPhone 5S and 5C discounted for Virgin Media telly viewers

Virgin Media offers discounts on the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C if you're a TV and broadband customer -- but they're still not cheap.

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Virgin Media has unveiled special prices for the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C if you're already a friend of Richard Branson -- but before you fling your TiVo remote aside and race to buy one, be warned they still ain't exactly cheap.

The new iPhones hit Virgin this Friday. Customers who get their broadband and telly piped in through Virgin Media cables pay less up-front for the phone, and get a fiver knocked off their monthly mobile bill.

They also get free calls to friends and family who are on Virgin Mobile. And for all those butterfingered phone fans Virgin throws in free insurance for your iPhone.

Here's the prices for Virgin Media customers: the 5S costs £69 up-front regardless of which memory option you go for. The 16GB model comes with 1GB of data for £41 per month; the 32GB version nets you 3GB of data for £59; and the 64GB model with unlimited data will set you back £71 per month.

The 16GB 5C costs £29 up-front and £33 per month for 500MB of data. The 32GB 5C costs £69 at first, followed by £41 per month for 1GB of data.

Or you can get a free 4S for just £23 per month, but that comes with a paltry 250MB of data. These are all two-year contracts, by the way.

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