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iPhone 5C spotted in black in glossy plastic pics

Pictures of the plastic iPhone have emerged once more, this time showcasing a slick black casing.

The long-rumoured plastic iPhone is getting back to black -- showing a glossy noir casing in freshly leaked snaps.

The images of the slick black casing surfaced on Chinese website Weibo, Phone Arena reports, and suggest that the much-anticipated plastic iPhone will be coming in a standard dark hue, alongside a slew of more colourful options.

Parts of the new Apple gadget, tipped to be called the iPhone 5C, have previously been sighted in white, green, yellow, red and blue, suggesting shoppers will have a veritable rainbow of colours to choose from.

Making the hotly tipped plastic iPhone in black is certainly a smart choice -- while I'm sure there's plenty of demand for brightly coloured mobiles, I reckon there are plenty of phone fans who'd rather go for something a little more demure.

Being built from plastic and rubber, the iPhone 5C was first expected to be dirt cheap. A recent analyst's estimations however reckon that it could cost between $400 and $500 and replace the iPhone 5 as Apple's mid-range smart phone offering.

In leaked video footage, the iPhone 5C looks to be roughly the same shape and size as the iPhone 5, so expect the usual 4-inch retina display, and the new iOS 7 operating system.

Meanwhile Apple is tipped to be building its latest high-end iPhone in a champagne-esque gold colour.

What colour smart phone do you want from Apple? Are Tim Cook and pals right to mix it up with new colours, or should it stick to basic black and white? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.