iPhone 5C compared to iPhone 5 on video

The hotly-tipped cheap iPhone 5C has appeared on video, side by side with the Apple iPhone 5.

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Richard Trenholm

Yet another leak! The hotly-tipped cheap iPhone 5C has appeared on video, side by side with the Apple iPhone 5.

The new three-minute video compares the new plastic iPhone to previous models. It's only the casing, rather than the whole phone, so we get an idea of the forthcoming phone's size and shape, but not how it works.

The rumoured cheaper iPhone is set to be the first Apple phone to come in colour. If this video and previous leaked pictures are to be believed, the plastic case of the 5C is set to be decked out in a rainbow of colours including red, blue and lime green.

The cheaper iPhone is expected to launch alongside a fully-fledged new iPhone, likely to be named the 5S. Apple is staying as tight-lipped as ever, but word on the street says the new phones will be unveiled on or around 10 September.

Previous leaks suggest the 5C will be the same size and shape as the full-fat 5S, with the price difference coming from the plastic back and slightly lower specs. 

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