iPhone 5 set for 4G in October, what can new iPad tell us?

The iPhone 5 is expected to arrive in October, but what can we infer about it from the new iPad?

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Rumours are beginning to swirl around the next generation of iPhone once again. The iPhone 5 -- or whatever the sequel to the Apple iPhone 4S ends up being called -- is expected to arrive in October, but what can we infer about it from the new iPad?

The Apple-watchers at iMore report that the next iPhone will be a 4G phone. Many hoped for 4G in the 4S and were disappointed, but now the new iPad has brought 4G with it, it seems almost certain that the new iPhone will follow suit.

The new iPad also features HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA, speedy technology for connecting to the Web faster than 3G when you're out and about, which will have to do here in Blighty where we have no 4G network as yet. If the new iPhone can fit all that in its smaller frame, that is -- and reports suggest that Apple is addressing this question by building a smaller "micro dock" version of the 30-pin USB connector.

Of course, I've also got my fingers crossed that we might actually have the beginnings of a 4G network over here by October, as promised by Orange and T-Mobile 4G some time this year.

We've heard reports that the iPhone 5 would sport a 4.6-inch screen, a whopping increase over the current 3.5-inch display -- although the latest rumours suggest that any increase won't be anywhere near that dramatic. Apple doesn't like to make big changes, so we think that's fair enough.

Finally, a moment to speculate over the name. Now the new iPad has done away with numbers, could the next generation of iPhone be called the new iPhone? I wouldn't bet against it.

As Apple's factories gear up for the iPhone 5, we'll keep you posted on the latest rumours and leaks to help you sort the fact from the fiction, to help you choose a new phone or wait for the new iPhone. Press play on our video to see some of the tastiest rumours so far.

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