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iPhone 5 September release tipped again

More reports have indicated that Apple's plotting a 12 September reveal for its new smart phone.

Yesterday we bought you the news that a new iPhone could be lining shelves on 21 September, following a 12 September unveiling -- now fresh reports have surfaced that lend credence to those points on the calendar.

AllthingsD says sources have confirmed that Apple is plotting an event for the week commencing 9 September (that's a Sunday), with Wednesday (that's the 12th) pegged as a likely date.

The site also drags up some interesting stats that shows Tim Cook and friends are making increasingly hefty prepayments for inventory components, suggesting major gadgets are imminent. Numerous leaks point to Apple's next mobile rocking a taller frame, with a 16:9 display and a smaller connector dock.

A new iPhone in the autumn is nigh-on guaranteed, ticking through another year in the great clockwork machinery that is the tech calendar. But when Apple bods mount the stage in a few months, I'll be keen to see what else the iPod-spawning outfit has up its shiny sleeves.

Recent reports pegged the new iPhone announcement to also feature the introduction of a new iPod nano and the fabled iPad mini.

Nothing is known for sure about this mythical minuscule tablet, and rumours of a cheaper, smaller iPad have been doing the rounds for years. Still, purported production samples, the launch of the stonking Google Nexus 7 and word of a 1,024x768 pixel resolution have folks eagerly anticipating a teeny tiny tablet.

Would you like to see Apple releasing a smaller, cheaper iPad? Or should it focus on trying to make the iPhone 5 better than the Samsung Galaxy S3? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

While you're here, why not check out the latest phone news in video form below?

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