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iPhone 5 out on 21 September, network holiday ban suggests

Employees of the Verizon network in the US have been told not to take any holidays from that date, tipping the new iPhone's arrival here.

One network operator's employees in the US have been banned from taking holidays from 21-30 September, according to reports, strongly suggesting the 21st of next month will see the iPhone 5 going on sale.

TechCrunch says a trusted Verizon employee has divulged that the carrier is keeping all staff at their stations for 10 days. That's likely because things are about to get hectic with the debut of a major new mobile.

What's more, 21 September is the point on the calendar already tipped as the iPhone 5's going-on-sale date. That's a Friday too, which would match the iPhone 4S' 14 October end-of-the-week debut last year.

As you're probably aware, we don't have Verizon here in the UK, but the iPhone 4S went on sale in the US and UK simultaneously, so the 21 September date would likely apply to a host of nations.

As for what the next iPhone will actually look like, 12 September is the anticipated announcement date, though thanks to a ferry-full of leaked casings and components, we can make a pretty solid guess at what to expect already.

A phone that's no wider but noticeably taller than the iPhone 4S is the likely candidate, sporting a 4-inch display that has a 16:9 aspect ratio, which would eliminate pesky black bars when you're watching movies.

A bigger battery is tipped to be lurking inside, while a smaller connector dock and a repositioned headphone socket are likely. On the software side, expect iOS 6 and all its accompanying goodies, and possibly an extra row of home screen icons.

Is that enough to push the Samsung Galaxy S3 off the smart phone top spot? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall, and hit play on the video below to learn all we know so far about Apple's forthcoming blower.

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