iPhone 5 images and specs appear on impressively detailed fake site

iPhone 5 images and specifications, supposedly taken from a part of Apple's German website, are doing the rounds. But we suspect the whole thing is not what it seems.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Images and specifications of the iPhone 5 have appeared online, taken from a video of a user browsing Apple's German website. But we have good reason to suspect the whole thing is an elaborate ruse.

The video shows a user visiting the German site, then clicking an invisible link at the bottom of the iPhone's page, which zips through to the product page for the iPhone 5. We've embedded the video at the bottom of this story so you can take a look for yourself.

The supposed site contains images, which show an iPhone with a wider display and a curved back, and details of what's inside the phone, including an 8-megapixel camera and a dual-core processor.

But we reckon the video is a fake.

As an astute YouTube commenter points out, at the very first frame of the video the URL points to 'file:///Users/Peter/Desktop/iPhone%205/Website%20Pictures/home.html' which strongly suggests that the author of the video is accessing pages that reside on his own computer, rather than on Apple's website.

Apart from that, the font on the back of the device where it reads 'iPhone' doesn't look like Apple's font to us, and the images in the 'gallery' lack the polish you'd normally associate with Apple products.

This is an impressive level of fakery (seriously, building a whole website? Wow), but despite not being official, these images still chime with what we're looking for from the fifth iteration of the iPhone.

We're expecting a slim device, with a curved back, wider display and possibly a broader 'home' button, which could support swiping gestures. MacRumors today posted a render of what the iPhone 5 could look like based on the leaked case schematics that emerged in July.

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