iPhone 5 has new connector, UK's 4G woes in Phone News video

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Watch this: Phone News: Jelly Bean updates and 4G

It's time for a roundup of all things mobile in our weekly phone news video. Here's what I say in the video above if you don't want to watch it -- although it's excellent, you really should.

Let's start off with the infuriating news that 4G is going to take longer to arrive in the UK than we hoped. Industry regulator Ofcom has said today that companies will now not be able to bid to run 4G services until next year, after previously saying the process would happen this year.

That puts the prospect of faster Internet on our phones back well into next year, and probably 2014 for most people. Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger.

In more positive news, the latest version of Android -- Jelly Bean -- is starting to appear on the phone Google released back in 2010, the Nexus S. Announcing the roll out on everyone's favourite social network, Google Plus, Google said the update will start appearing for customers using certain networks such as O2 and Vodafone, with others to follow. Cue hundreds of Google Plus comments from frustrated users saying 'what about meeeeee', 'when can I get it', and so on.

There will be a different connector on the next iPhone, with 19 pins rather than the 30 pins on the current generation, according to Reuters, who claim to be quoting sources "familiar with the matter". That makes it smaller, which will make room for the headphone port to move to the bottom.

Trouble is, that makes every iPod or iPhone accessory sold in the last few years obsolete, requiring you to use an adapter to make them work. Why Apple doesn't just go for micro-USB like every other manufacturer is beyond me.

In other Apple news, a British judged caused no end of tittering in the CNET offices this week when he ruled that Apple must take out newspaper adverts apologising to Samsung for claiming that it copied the iPad. We even had a go at creating our own version of the advert, with tongue firmly in cheek of course.

Incidentally, this is the same judge that ruled Samsung "isn't as cool as Apple", so there are plenty of egos being pricked as a result of all the bizarre legal shenanigans going on between the two companies.

Finally, CNET reader Will Powell has emailed us with details of an automated translation system he built using a phone, two Raspberry Pi computers and some 3D specs. He has demoed the setup in a video showing his sister talking to him in Spanish with the English translation appearing on the screen in his specs.

The results are impressive for a DIY project -- although you're not likely to be carting all these different bits of kit on your next holiday to the Costa Brava. If you're interested in building this yourself, full instructions are available on Will's blog.

Hit play on the video above for all the news in full, and scribble in the comments below or over on our Facebook page to let us know which scraps of phone news have caught your attention this week.