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iPhone 5 announcement on 4 October confirmed

Apple has set the date to reveal the iPhone 5, the company's first major launch without Steve Jobs.

Apple will reveal the iPhone 5 on 4 October. The next generation of Apple's super-popular smart phone will be announced at a launch event in the US.

The big unveiling will take place at Apple's Cupertino headquarters for the first time. Steve Jobs won't be there, but a new iPhone will: the invitation reads 'Let's talk iPhone'.

It's been a long and rumour-strewn road to reach this point. The new iPhone must surely be the most hotly anticipated gadget since Stig the caveman rubbed his feet after a hard day's nomadic wandering and asked for the millionth time when Ugg was going to finish that "wheel" thing he's always grunting about.

Previous iPhones have been announced in early June, so the heavy rain hasn't been the only disappointment of this summer -- the suspense-filled wait of the past few weeks makes Axl Rose, Terrence Malick and Jesus look like amateurs.

The longer we've had to wait for a new phone from Apple, the more frenzied the rumours have become. Will it have a curved back? Will there be an iPhone 5 and a cheaper iPhone 4S? And why can't Apple employees hang on to their phones after a few Margheritas?

All your questions will be answered on the day, right here at CNET UK. We'll have all the details, photos and opinions from the launch -- if your thrill receptors can handle it.

This will be the first Apple launch, of course, since the company's legendary boss Steve Jobs quit in July. We'll miss Steve's black polo-neck and "One more thing", but it'll be fascinating to witness the opening of a new chapter in the Apple story.

Even though it will have been planned by Generalissimo Jobs, the iPhone 5 will be the first post-Steve Apple product in a market that's only getting tougher thanks to rivals such as Android and Windows Phone. The phone -- and even the launch event -- could define how the company will fare without El Jobs at the helm.

Clear your calendar and bookmark CNET UK ready for the big push. What do you want to see on the day? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.