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iPhone 4G: Cool or tool? Have your say in our poll

It's only a few short days before Steve Jobs takes the stage at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference, probably to unveil the new iPhone 4G. Let us know how you feel in our poll

This coming Monday, Steve Jobs will take the stage at Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference, and the smart money (read -- crazy Internet hype machine) says he will unveil the much anticipated, even much-er leaked iPhone 4G.

CNET UK will of course be on hand to bring you every single scrap of news as it develops, even though, due to international time difference it will mean staying up considerably past our bedtimes. We do this for you, faithful reader, and for the love of all things tech.

Whether or not the fourth coming of the almighty Jesus-phone is on the cards come Monday, we want to dip our toe into the tepid waters of public opinion, by asking you guys how you feel about the whole shebang -- are you waiting on the edge of your seat, desperate to hear more? Or are you sick and tired of hearing about this overhyped, fanboy-baiting load of old nonsense?

Click this link to have your say on our Facebook poll, and don't forget to leave a comment when you get there.

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