iPhone 4 SIM-free price revealed by Apple pre-order

Apple has revealed the first chance to get your hands on an unlocked, SIM-free iPhone 4. Read on for details -- and the all-important price

The Apple iPhone 4 has popped up for pre-order on the Apple Store Web site. The 16GB model will cost £500, and the 32GB version £600 for an unlocked, SIM-free handset.

That's for the black version -- the white handset may cost more. The new, 'bargain' 8GB iPhone 3GS will cost £419. The link doesn't work yet, so you can't actually order either phone, but at least we now how much the iPhone 4 will cost without being tied into a network. This is the only way -- so far -- to get your mitts on a SIM-free iPhone. Buying from a network will be cheaper up front, but you'll be tied to a lengthy contract.

We've seen leaked contract pricing from Vodafone, while O2 will let you upgrade from existing contracts for a price. This O2 page explains what the various monthly costs will be, although it hasn't yet revealed the initial cost of the iPhone 4. T-Mobile, 3 and Orange are yet to announce pricing.

The new iPhone arrives on June 24. Ordering from Apple guarantees delivery on that date, or who knows, maybe earlier if you've been especially good this year -- the iPad was delivered to some pre-order-ers a day early. While you're waiting, see how iPhone 4 measures up against the current 3GS model and smartphone rivals the Dell Streak, HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy.