iPhone 4 on T-Mobile today

T-Mobile has finally crashed the iPhone 4 party as contract handsets hit the pink-hued network today

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T-Mobile has finally crashed the iPhone 4 party. The pink-hued network is selling Apple's smart phone from today, it has announced to customers who registered an interest.

From today, you can buy yourself a black 16GB or 32GB model on a monthly contract. 8GB, pay as you go and white models are marked as coming soon. We asked T-Mobile for a date but it's still up in the air, especially as the white iPhone has been delayed.

T-Mo's monthly plans start at £30 per month, which will net you an iPhone for £180 with 300 minutes, 500MB of data and unlimited texts. The toppermost £60 plan nets you a free handset, unlimited calls, and 1GB of data. To see how T-Mobile's deals stack up against the competitors, get down with our iPhone 4 network comparison.

Frankly, we'd avoid the iPhone plans, as T-Mobile offers the best SIM-only deal if you go off-piste and get your phone direct from Apple, SIM-free and unlocked.

The iPhone 4 is also available on 3 today. Whoever you buy from, getting in before 30 September qualifies you for a free case.