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iPhone 4 on 3: Four plus three equals fun

The iPhone 4 is coming to yet another network on 24 June -- this time it's 3. But will lots of competition lead to lower prices?

The 3 network is joining T-Mobile, O2, Orange and Vodafone in selling the iPhone 4 when it arrives on our drizzly shores on 24 June.

Drop by the 3 Web site to pre-register your interest in Apple's latest tool for separating gadget lovers from their money. 3 currently offers the best data deal for the iPad, so here's hoping it can sweeten what's certain to be a pretty hefty contract.

We're still waiting to find out what we'll have to pay to get our hands on the iPhone 4, which is selling in the US for $199 (£137) for the 16GB version and $299 (£207) for the 32GB version on contract.

The competition between the networks will hopefully mean prices for the iPhone 4 are as low as possible, although there hasn't been much variety in iPhone 3GS prices since it stopped being exclusive to O2.

Which network would tempt you to take up the iPhone 4? Let us know in the comments.