iPhone 4 available on 3 from Friday as survey suggests falling demand

The iPhone 4 hits the 3 network this Friday. Have you been waiting to get your 4 on 3?

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3 is to drop the iPhone 4 this Friday. The last of the major networks to get Apple's latest smartphone into shops will offer it on sale from Friday, 30 July, according to an email circulated to potential customers today.

The 16GB iPhone 4 will be free on a two-year, £45 monthly contract, while the 32GB model starts at £90 on the same contract. 3's deals are largely similar to other networks, but do offer a respectable 1GB data allowance across the board.

3 offers the best total deal to get a free handset, and the best deal over two years. We reckon it's up there with the best deal for average users, too. Check out our iPhone 4 network comparison for all our recomendations.

Almost as soon as the 3 email hit our inbox, a survey arrived suggesting that nearly half of iPhone 3GS owners are less likely to upgrade to an iPhone 4 because of the media frenzy surrounding it. Out of 2,089 UK adults surveyed by Opinium Research, 57 per cent won't be buying the phone after the controversy over signal issues caused by an antenna fault. Will you be staying away, or have you been waiting to get your 4 on 3?