iPhone 3G Cannot Find/Connect to WiFi Networks

iPhone 3G Cannot Find/Connect to WiFi Networks

Ben Wilson

Several users have reported an issue in which the iPhone 3G fails to find and or connect to otherwise valid WiFi networks. A sampling of reports from this Apple Discussions thread:

  • "My laptop can find my router network fine. I reset my router and iPhone but my iPhone still cant find any routers. I reset the network settings too. If I try to put in the name and password manually it just says 'Joining InsertNetworkNameHere' Over and over, with no results."
  • "Suddenly my iPhone 3g can't find any wifi network. I have restored factory configuration but still the same. Yesterday my iPhone could find 4-5 wifi networks including my own now not even one."
  • "My brother and sister have iPod touches and theirs each work fine on my home network. I got an iphone last Tuesday, had to get update to start, won't connect to my home network."

An Apple support document entitled "Unable to use Wi-Fi with iPhone or iPod touch because there's no Wi-Fi address listed for the device" has a list of potential solutions, though most have proven ineffective for readers. Among the listed fixes:

  • Reset network settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Setting)
  • Erase all settings (Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings)
  • Restore the iPhone

Users posting to the aforementioned thread have had little success with any of these fixes.

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