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iPad mini to boast iPhone 5S Touch ID fingerprint scanner

The next iPad mini is unveiled tomorrow, and a new leaked photo points to a Touch ID fingerprint scanner like the iPhone 5S.

The next iPad mini is set to be unveiled tomorrow, and the latest leaks point to a Touch ID fingerprint-scanner like the one on the iPhone 5S.

German site 2014 News reveals the leaked snap above that shows the hotly-tipped new iPad mini complete with Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

If true, the new 7.9-inch iPad will boast a fingerprint scanner in the home button, recognising your loops and whorls to secure online transactions and save you typing in your password every five minutes. Previous leaks suggest the next version of the full-sized iPad will have a fingerprint reader too.

Touch ID made its first appearance on the new iPhone 5S, but not the cheaper iPhone 5C. Digit-decoders look like they could be the next big thing, also showing up on the HTC One Max review -- despite hackers claiming to have used fake fingerprints to crack the security.

The leak suggests the new iPad mini still won't have a high-resolution Retina display screen like the one found on the front of its 9.7-inch bigger brother.

We'll find out for definite tomorrow at 6pm when Apple makes its latest announcement, also expected to reveal more on OS X Mavericks software.

Do you want an iPad with a fingerprint sensor, or is it a gimmick? What else would you like to see in the new iPad? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook wall -- and keep it CNET for the first news, pictures and videos from Apple's big announcement.

Image: 2014 News