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iOS finally gets native Google Offers app

As an avid deals browser, I have been waiting for Google Offers to get its own native app for iPhone. As far as deal apps go, it's one of the better ones.

Check out your nearby purchased Google Offers from the native Google Offers app. Screenshot by Joe Aimonetti/CNET

Google Offers, at its core, is not really much different from any deal site (Groupon, Living Social). Users sign up for daily email offers from local businesses willing to give potential customers heavy discounts to become patrons of their establishments.

The only real difference, until recently, was that Google did not have a native iOS app for users to easily browse, organize, and use their purchased deals.

Excusing the ugly app icon that gets completely sucked into the iPhone's display, the Google Offers app is actually quite nice. Once you sign in to your Google Offers account (or start one) you'll be taken to your city of choice to check out the latest featured deals.

Users have the option of viewing deals in a traditional list view or in a map view, to see what discounts are closer to them. Once a deal is found and selected, another tap and you'll be on your way to purchasing the deal. Once an offer is purchased, users can tap on My Offers to see all their deals.

The Google Offers map view for the deals you have purchased is particularly useful if, like me, you find it difficult to decide where to eat or what to do sometimes. The map makes it easy to see what deals are nearby that you've already purchased.

Google Offers is available as a free app in Apple's iTunes App Store. What is your go-to deal site? Let me know in the comments!