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iOS 8 leaked screenshots suggest Mac apps coming to iPhone

Leaked screenshots suggest that Preview and TextEdit apps from your Mac are coming to iOS 8 as well as Apple's fitness tracker Healthbook.

Ready to see what your iPhone or iPad will look like after the next big update? Leaked screenshots purported to show iOS 8 suggest that apps are coming from your Mac to your phone as well as Apple's own fitness tracker.

Posted to Chinese Weibo and seconded by 9to5Mac, the screenshots show for new apps called Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit and Tips.

Preview and TextEdit are desktop apps found in OS X on every Mac. Preview is a quick photo viewer with very basic editing functions, while TextEdit is, er, a text editor. iOS icons for these two apps match the desktop versions, but don't match the brightly-coloured look of other iOS apps and so will presumably be redesigned when version 8 is released.

Healthbook will be Apple's own fitness tracker app, presumably meaning you won't have to download an exercise monitor such as RunKeeper or Nike+ to count your exertions. Word around the campfire is that Healthbook will talk to the long-rumoured Apple iWatch

The alleged screenshots come hard on the heels of Apple's latest update, the new, speedier iOS 7.1.

What would you like to see in the next update to your iPhone or iPad's software? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.