iOS 7 secret settings revealed

iOS 7 is stuffed with secrets, as revealed by an intrepid developer unearthing a fistful of new features.

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iOS 7 is stuffed with secrets, as revealed by an intrepid developer unearthing a fistful of new features in the next generation of iPhone and iPad software.

iOS developer Hamza Sood popped the bonnet and went for a tinker inside iOS 7, discovering new features buried in a secret settings menu.

The hidden options include new ways to control apps by sliding your finger across the screen in new ways. New gestures include swiping in from the edge or the corner -- sounds like BlackBerry 10 -- or pressing and holding.

New animations are also squirrelled away, ready to be turned on later or perhaps never used at all.

You can currently group apps together in folders by dragging two icons on top of each other, but the secret iOS also includes subfolders to categorise apps even further. And for anyone who's ever railed at the stocks icon, you can hide away apps that come pre-installed.

Hit play on the video below for a silent sprint through the various hidden features.

Apple unveiled the new look for iOS last week. It's the most radical overhaul ever for Apple's mobile software, bringing a cleaner, flatter, brighter look and a fistful of new features to the iPhone and iPad.

iOS 7 arrives on your phone or tablet in Autumn. In the meantime, register as a developer and you can try iOS 7 on your iPhone 5 now. Let us know if you spot any new features, 'kay?

What would you like to see added to iOS? Is iOS 7 the best iPhone and iPad software yet, or just a rip-off of Android, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, or crack the secrets of our Facebook page.