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Introducing the CNET Reviews iPhone app

The new CNET Reviews app gives you all of CNET's tech shopping advice via an iPhone app. Scan bar codes for easy access to expert reviews and comparison shopping, search for the products that interest you, or read our helpful buying guides.

CNET iPhone app main screen
The CNET Reviews iPhone app's main screen lets you surf categories, launch a bar code scanner, search for products, and more. CNET

We've all been there: standing, befuddled, in front of 30 blaring TV sets in a big-box store, struggling to decide which flat-screen TV would work in the living room. Or maybe you urgently need a new digital camera, but once you see dozens on display you forget the features you came for in the first place. These are the moments when you most need CNET's reviews and shopping advice.

The new CNET Reviews iPhone app gives you all our expert shopping advice anywhere you go. The app's bar code scanner instantly returns rated tech reviews and prices based on a quick scan of the product's box.

You can also type in a simple search for the products that interest you, or read our helpful buying guides first to figure out what you should look for and ask sales reps about once you're standing in a store. For more examples of what the app can do, view our slideshow below.

The CNET Reviews app is free, and downloadable now from the iTunes App store. (You'll need iOS 4 or higher to run the app.) Grab the app before your next shopping trip, and please let us know what you think of it in the comments.