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Instagram update finally lets users edit captions

Because nothing spoils a gorgeous photo like a typo, Instagram users can now edit captions after publishing.

Instagram users get long-desired caption-editing feature. Screen shot by Scott Webster/CNET

The Instagram apps for Android and iOS have picked up a handy -- and long-desired -- feature as part of their latest update. Users can now go back into a photo and adjust captions, making all-important corrections such as changing "suhsi" to "sushi."

Prior to the update, users were forced to delete images with unwanted captions and start from scratch if they didn't want to suffer public embarrassment.

Now, tagging the wrong person or using the wrong hash tag would mean that your perfectly framed cat picture could miss out on oodles of potential "favorites." To make a change, simply look for the "edit" option below your image.

Another notable tweak to the Instagram apps sees the Explore tab getting a new magnifying-glass icon. While it's hardly earthshaking stuff, it could lead to more discovery on your end.

The latest releases for Android (6.1) and iOS (6.2) are immediately available in the respective app stores.